Hydroponic Tent
Hydroponic Tent


Mygrowkit are the #1 ODM (Original Design Manufacturers) of hydroponic enclosures. With over 7 years of innovation in the development and manufacture of products we can offer the highest quality with outstanding features at competitive prices directly from our manufacturing facility in Asia.


The Mygrowkit products have the most advanced features of any indoor growing enclosure on the market today. Combine your Mygrowkit enclosure with the ventilation, lighting and growing system of your choice and you have the ultimate growing environment at the most affordable price.


The enclosures are lightproof, waterproof, extremely insulative and utilise reflective Mylar fabric on the interior to increase light intensity and distribution. All materials used are RoHS compliant ensuring they are non-toxic and won't release any harmful gases that can damage sensitive plants. All of the zips are designed to eliminate jamming.


All ports are fully adjustable allowing them to accommodate various sizes of ducting. Each port has twin-layered socks, each with drawstrings to ensure light proofing.


Clear viewing windows are located on the sides of the enclosures. These windows have a velcro cover that can be opened and closed easily to view growing progress of your crop without disturbing the growing conditions.

The Mygrowkit frame is constructed of 0.70mm thick metal poles, making it robust for everyday use. The poles are zinc plated mild steel to prevent rust, with bevelled ends to aid in assembly. The enclosures are supplied with adjustable equipment hangers that can be located anywhere in the roof of the enclosure making it much easier to adjust the positioning of equipment hung from them.


The corner design has been optimised for maximum strength and if subjected to an excessive load it will bend instead of snapping.

The corner and pole design make for a much easier assembly.


All Mygrowkit enclosures come with an embossed security logo on the fabric giving you peace of mind that your Mygrowkit enclosure is the genuine article.


All Mygrowkit models ship with complete, full colour, illustrated assembly instructions.